Mount Adams® Studio Pro (72" x 24" x 5mm)

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Key Features


Note:  The mat with grommets has 2 high quality, durable, metal grommets at the top of the mat for easy hanging and storage at a gym or studio.

Dimensions: 72” x 25” x 5mm (Approx. 5 lbs. 14 oz.)

Material: High quality, closed cell vinyl foam that is latex, lead, heavy metal, and phthalate free 

Certifications:  California 65 & 8P-Free PVC

Use: Suitable for both home and studio use

Packaging:  Mount Adams wrapper, Mount Adams logo sewn on mat and UPC code

  • Spacious to accommodate different sizes and poses
  • Durable, high density foam for stability and extra cushioning

  • Superior, non-slip, fabric-like finish

  • Versatile enough for indoor and outdoor use

  • Closed cell design resists moisture and is easy to clean

  • SGS Certified to be Phthalate, latex and heavy metal free

  • Substantial weight, density and durability. Great for outdoor yoga, Pilates and any exercise requiring additional support.



As durable and hardworking as it's big brother, the Pro Fit XL, this Studio size Pro Fit is a bit smaller to fit nicely in studios and lighter for easy transport.  Just like its namesake, whose majesty has ruggedly persisted through changing seasons, the durable Mount Adams® Studio Pro (72" x 24" x 5mm) is designed to withstand the elements and endure many seasons with you.  A key feature of the Pro Fit is its total versatility. It works well for any type of yoga or fitness practice, in any temperature, at any moisture level, and is non-slip on any surface, from carpet and hardwood to outdoors and concrete.  The surface area provides the space needed for a wide range of applications. The high density foam makes for a stable foundation while providing unparalleled comfort and cushioning.  Our closed cell surface has a sleek, simple design with a non-slip, fabric-like finish, which resists moisture and is easy to clean.  SGS certified to be 6P phthalate, latex, and heavy metal free.


Care Instructions: To clean your mat, wipe down with a 80/20 mixture of water and vinegar.  Let the yoga mat air dry completely before rolling it back up.  There may be a break in period before the mat reaches its full potential. To speed up the process, we suggest wiping down with a sea salt scrub.


DISCLAIMER: There is risk in any exercise. Please consult your doctor before using.



The 5mm yoga mat offers a high-performing foundation with extra cushioning to support joints and bones.


The Studio Pro Yoga Mat is designed with closed-cell vinyl foam to lock out water.


The climate-conscious yoga mat is latex, lead, heavy metal, PVC, and 6P Free.