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Pro Fit XL

It feels like one indestructible force to be reckoned with! I am not sure what I could do to destroy this mat! As a yoga teacher, these are definitely a good investment. I like how they show no scratches or sweat marks, and are easy to clean.

- Jessica

Deluxe XL Yoga Duffle Bag

The quality of this bag is astounding for price! It would make the perfect gift for a fellow yoga lover. Given the spaciousness of this bag, I believe it could even be used for an overnight trip with the yoga mat still in it.

- Tina

Yoga Towel

This is probably my favorite mat towel ever. The texture, weight and stitching around the border all give it a high-quality look and feel. It has a slightly coarse texture that helps to keep your hands in place, yet did not have that synthetic feel.

- Alison

Soft, absorbent and well made

My other micro fiber yoga towel feels scratchy and uncomfortable. This one feels nice. It is also wide and has good seams. I like the Mount Adams logo too.

- Sara

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