This One is For the Guys

This One is For the Guys

This one is for the guys. You asked for the best yoga mat for men.  You asked for a mat that can fit a taller person.  We heard what you were asking for.


  1. You’re a guy
  2. You’re looking for a men’s yoga mat
  3. Or not - maybe you’re looking for a crossfit or weightlifting mat
  4. You need a more spacious mat

Have we got the mat for you!  Our Pro Fit XL yoga mat checks all the boxes.


One is For the Guys.

With its rugged durability, this mat works for yoga, cross fit, weight training and pretty much anything else you can throw at it.

It is made from high quality, closed cell vinyl foam that is latex, lead, heavy metal, and phthalate free which makes it extremely hard working and versatile.  It can be used indoors but also taken outdoors and will perform on almost any surface. It works in any temperature, at any moisture level, and is non-slip on any surface, from carpet and hardwood to outdoors and concrete.The high density foam is great for stability and extra cushioning.

The closed cell surface has a sleek, simple design which resists moisture and is easy to clean.  Just simply wipe it down.

The size of this mat accommodates all size guys.  It’s longer and wider than traditional yoga mats.  See what a recent customer had to say.

"I'm 6'2", pretty large, and getting back into yoga. I like the firmness of this mat. It's got a great texture and firmness. I rubbed it down with salt and mat cleaner, and ever since it's been very grippy, and supportive. It's a perfect size for my frame and it brings me much enjoyment. Thanks."


Try our Pro-Fit XL mat, we know it will work for you.

Available in black and navy.